How the WA state legal 502 cannabis system knowingly screwed medical marijuana patients in favor of recreational tokers.

June 30, 2016: Official  Deadline. All MMJ dispensaries forced to close down.

Wasted:  18 years of business and growing experience building our successful medical marijuana cottage industry.

July 1, 2016:  After year of planning, MMJ officially folds into 502 pot shops.

First day, State’s Patient Authorization & Registration Database operational. Government collecting/storing our personal information online even though officially and legally there is:



August 6, 2016:  Washington has reverted back to non-medical marijuana state.

Reality:  9 year old Washington girl with Dravet’s Syndrome is without her pediatric CBD-rich Medicine. Her seizures have returned.

Greed:  MMJ grower claims “502 has decimated our local economies & put a lot of families out of business.  502 industry insider replied, “You were the Black Market. That was the point.”

Incompetence: In the 18 years we ran the WA MMJ/cannabis industry we ALWAYS got medical marijuana products to market.

Failure: The Washington state model of legalizing, regulating and implementing a new medical marijuana system outside of the existing. indigenous industry that we the Head Nation already successfully built is either really stupid or even sinister. By taking the Plant away from us and making us criminals if we dare grow  the Medicine again, do they think we’ll all go away?

Our  government and tits over-seeing agencies should embrace,and support modern, science-based Medical Marijuana. Please, get a clue. Research MMJ, medicinal properties of cannabis, the human endocannabinoid system and how cannabinoids and terpenoids from marijuana help balance our state of health and wellbeing.  Easy to read info here: 


War Against Us:  Language of Initiative-502 and WA SB-5052 clearly aimed at re-criminalizing “old school” growers.  After July 1, 2016, anyone not officially registered with the State is forbidden to grow any amount of marijuana. Zero tolerance.

We Went Backwards:  If a WA citizen grows even 1 plant without the proper State 502 medical marijuana permit, we face possible police raids, a $10K fine and one year in prison for “felony manufacture of a controlled substance”.



“The only way to win the war is to leave the battlefield.” – Arjuna


cannabis-saying-300-1And, that’s precisely what we’ll do. If the new 502 State-controlled legal cannabis system can’t grow and deliver CBD Medicine to market (patients whose very health and lives depend on it) ……. Then We Will!

Simple economics. Supply fills demand.  So what if ‘they” say it’s “illegal” again? We’ll just go around them, we can play their game and stay out of sight. What are they going to do?

Big Bro can’t lock us all up. We already fought that fight.  The public has no stomach anymore for police raids and incarceration of ill, injured, suffering people causing no harm except growing their own Medicine.

“If God didn’t want us to grow cannabis, He/She wouldn’t have given us basements.”

End the American Government’s War on Marijuana!  After 40 years of fighting to protect our right to the Sacred Plant we won’t give up now.

Besides, I have the best criminal defense lawyer in Eastern WA and any chance of “catching’ me a 3rd time will only result in their public embarrassment.

Fair warning: No one in WA is growing medicinal CBD-rich cannabis strains. Somebody has to.  NOW.  It takes 6 months for a strain to become established from seed to veg to sexing, to flower, to harvest. 9-12 months before the Medicine gets to market under the best of 502 conditions. 

There can not – and will not- be any State endorsed medical marijuana products available for patients in any 502 retail pot shops in Washington until at least Spring 2017. More likely Fall 2017 harvest.

We have to start growing right now. Oh yeah, we’re not allowed to.